At the start of 2019, the governing bodies of the golf (the USGA and R&A) made changes to the Rules of Golf to simplify them and help with pace of play across the world.  These changes are not yet reflected in the printed Yardage Books that participants will receive each season in 2019, however, they have been updated in each Yardage Book PDF below.  As participants progress through the Yardage Books throughout each season, coaches will help participants make changes within their books that reflect new terminology and rulings.  As a secondary resource, we suggest that families download the PDF file for their child’s level below to reference throughout the season.  Please also consider downloading the final PDF, which is an easy reference to the 20 most important rule changes taking place this year.

PLAYer Yardage Book

Advanced PLAYer Yardage Book

Par/Teen Yardage Book

Birdie Yardage Book

Eagle Yardage Book

Top 20 Must-Know Rules for 2019